Are those annoying heavy footed kids from upstairs getting between you and your rest again? Or maybe it’s your partner that snores louder than a B-52? Or perhaps the neighbors dog like to bark at every moving entity. Regardless, we know that your rest is really important to you and want to give you a solution to put you to rest.

No matter your specific need, AcousticSheep were designed to help you get better rest through soothing sounds to help you fall asleep faster and remain in a state of deep sleep. Of course they are quite multi functional as well to work with your choice of music, television, or audio books through a wireless bluetooth connection.

Unlike other bluetooth headphones or earbuds on the market, AcousticSheep were designed with your comfort while lying down in mind. Most other common Bluetooth sound products on the market cause pressure against your ears while laying down. But AcousticSheep utilize a state of the art Bluetooth receiver with adjustable flat speakers within a comfortable headband to allow for you to listen in any position.

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