Mobile Credit Card Power Bank


We’ve all had our phones die on us, and it’s usually just at the wrong time, isn’t it? Right when your boss was about to call you or when your sister is about to give birth or your team is winning the game – so don’t let your distance from a plug point let you down again and get the RED5 3-in-1 Mobile Credit Card Power Bank.

This small, powerful power bank packs a punch – lightweight and portable, you can keep it in your pocket and charge up your phone in emergencies. Not only that, but it comes with two adapters to make sure you have compatibility for both Android and iPhone.

Make sure you’re never stuck without power to your phone again – you live an active life and can’t always get to a socket! With your RED5 3-in-1 Mobile Credit Card Power Bank, you can rest a little easier when you’re out with your phone.

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