OUSFOT WiFi Smart Bulb


Sounds kinda silly but having the power to change the colour of a light bulb with ease is really brilliant. It’s another one of those things you didn’t know you needed but being able to change from a bright white light to a mellow yellow light is really handy.

Simply download the free App (Android / iPhone) that gives you the control of up to 32 bulbs! This is how the magic happens because with the app you can choose from over 16 million colors from a single bulb every color is dimmable & tunable. Switch smart light bulb modes on PlusMinus App, wifi colour changing light bulb can match different occasions including kitchen, living room, gym, door, table lamp, cafe, bar, party, makeup, etc.

Don’t settle for boring yellow and white lights at home. Get some with a bit more pizazz like the OUSFOT Smart Lights. Perfect for illuminating your home in a magical array of colours, these smart lights are simple to use and simply beautiful.

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