Powcan Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Music Hat with LED Headlamp


Time to throw out the old crusty beanie for a new upgrade so it’s a bit more practical for the times. The Powcan wirless bluetooth beanie is a great if you’re a music lover and need a bit of head warmth outside in the cold.

Now you can effortlessly listen to your music through this wireless Bluetooth beanie with the built in buttons that lets you skips, pause, etc. It’s a really comfy beanie and you don’t feel the small internal speaker.

But that’s not all that makes this beanie more practical, it also features 4 powerful LED lights that you can easily adjust to your preference. You can get up 400m in vision with these LED lights!

The beanie also has built-in 2 rechargeable batteries, one is for headphones, another is for flashlamp. 1.5 Hours charging time provides up to 6 hours of highest volume music playing, 7.5 hours talking, 260 hours standby time. 2 Hours charging time for 8 hours flashlight. Conveniently placed charging port are in the beanie- USB charging cable included.

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