Smartphone Projector


Not all gadgets are wires and buttons, sometimes the most useful things are made from simple materials. Even though the Smartphone Projector is made out of cardboard, it will really change the way you watch longer videos on your phone.

The Retro Smartphone Projector is basically a box that has a placement for your phone and uses a magnifying glass to project the phone screen onto a wall. Cleverly leaving space to plug your speakers in, the projector helps you create a cinema in your own room.

How it works is with its 8 x magnifying lens at the front, the recipient simply presses play, pops their smart phone in the back of the projector on the firm grip pad, plugs their speakers in and voila, home cinema here they come.

The combination of cheap materials and effectivness makes the Smartphone Projector a great buy. It’s simple and retro design makes it the prefect gift for anyone that likes films.

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