Snooor Anti-Snoring Device


We’ve all had horrible nights of sleep. Sometimes there’s nobody to blame other than our anxiety, our overactive imaginations or our playful cats jumping on our heads. But sometimes you can squarely blame your sleeplessness on your partner’s horrifying snoring habit. It’s time you got them a Snooor Anti-Snoring Device.

The Snooor is meant to be worn on your forehead while sleeping – we know, sexy, right? The device senses when you’ve changed position and emits a small vibration to encourage you to turn and find a better position to let your breathing flow freely and unobstructed. It’s science – so it must be true!

If you keep getting glares in the morning, either you cheated on them in their dreams or you snored up a storm last night. Either way, a Snooor Anti-Snoring Device is a good investment for a happy, restful partner.

Don’t snooze your way through this description! Order yours now and sleep peacefully.

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