VAGO Vacuum Clothes Compressor


Does your packing efficiency suck? Worry no more! The VAGO portable vacuum compressor provides you with air-tight soft luggage for all your travelling needs. Hardly larger than an egg, this portable vacuum will simply blow you away.

The VAGO vacuum compressor can compress all the air out of the vacuum bag, leaving you maximum space to pack away all of your travelling needs! Particularly handy for those travelling with carry-on luggage only, the VAGO vacuum compressor will save you time, energy and space.

It couldn’t be simpler to use too. All you need to do is pack the bag, attach the VAGO and set it going! The VAGO will do the rest for you – you won’t be left out of breath! VAGO’s smart sensor automatically stops when finished. The VAGO is powered by micro-USB cable and adapter – no hefty hardware required!

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