Venom Nighthawk Universal Stereo Gaming Headset


We gadget geeks loves games and even more, we love gadgets that enrich our game play. There’s a lot of headphones out there for gaming as listening and speaking have become an integral part of the newer games released. These Venom Nighthawk Universal Stereo Gaming Headset have been specifically designed for optimum game play and we’re really excited about it.

The simple yet ergonomic design will help match the rest of your system and also let you play in complete comfort. They have been designed for long hours of game play which is why they feature a low-key simple design so you don’t feel cluttered.

It features superior sound clarity which is critical during game play and the inline control means you don’t have to mess around with other controls or buttons during game play. The adjustable microphone lets you communicate with other players clearly. Compatible with PS4, PSP, Xbox One (this needs and adaptor), Xbox 360, PC, Mac and tablet (Universal).

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