VentureHeat Battery Heated Base Layer Top


For me winter has 2 things I don’t particularly like about it. First it’s the 15 minutes needed to put on enough clothes you can comfortably walk outside only to put the trash out and second just the feeling of being cold totally sucks. The wonderful people at VentureHeat have brillant way to cope with the winter chill, it’s their Battery Heated Base Layer Top.

VentureHeat’s Heated Base Layer Top provides maximum thermal protection as well as moisture management to keep you warm and dry. Constructed with synthetic poly-spandex, moisture is wicked away from your body to improve dry time. When the temperature starts to dip, you can rely on this heated base layer to keep you warm. With just the touch of a button, you have access to 3 temperature settings and can enjoy the active heat for hours on end thanks to the long lasting lithium ion battery. The Xtreme Comfort Technology (XCT) heating system uses flexible hair-thin micro alloy fibers which are virtually undetectable until you turn on the heat and begin to feel the comforting warmth throughout your body.

Prefect for outdoor activities during the colder months and also practical enough to use everyday. Don’t spend your next winter stuck inside, just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t have outdoor fun with VentureHeat’s Heated Base Layer Top.

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