Sleep Headphones


Most of us don’t get enough sleep period let only a good deep sleep that your body needs and we know the importance of a good sleep. Now we have gadgets that help get that deep sleep and these special headphones are a prefect for those who find it hard.

Now wireless headphones aren’t anything new and this gadget uses the same technology but the way it fits your head is the real difference. The ergonomic design sits comfortably and the contours around the eyes and nose lets it double up as a sleep mask. The fabric is breathable and has a really nice silk finish so it feels nice on the eyes.

The headphones are charged via USB so you don’t need batteries and 1-2 hour quick charge will give you up to 10 hours playtime. The speakers have a true hi-fi sound and it features bluetooth 5.0 technology. Combine these headphones with calming background sounds for an amazingly relaxing feeling.

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