Car Key Spy Camera


So, you’re as suave as a super-spy, and you have the one-liners. You even know more than an average amount of people with suggestive names. But, you’re missing the gadgets. Or, you were. Now you’ve got this Covert Car Key Camera!

Like any good spy gadget, this camera takes the form of an unassuming car key. But, it’s equipped with a micro camera and has built-in audio. So, you can secretly record all sorts of evil schemes you happen to be privy to.

This key camera records video in 720 x 480 px and takes photos in 1280 x 960 px. It has a card slot that can support up to 32 GB SD cards (not included, sorry folks). That’ll give you up to an hour of video recording, which is more than enough for your nemesis to reveal their master plan.

Oh, and, when you’re ready to download your recordings, this key camera has an included USB adaptor, making the transfer easier than believing in invisible cars.

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