Electronic Laser Tag Set


So, you thought you had to hit the arcade to take in a little game of high-energy, highly-competitive laser tag? Turns out you don’t, and it’s all thanks to this infrared laser tag set!

So, you know when you get an awesome toy, but to really enjoy it you have to wait (and wait…. and wait) for your friends to get theirs? Well, that isn’t the case with this laser tag game. Why? Because it comes in a set containing 2 laser shooters and 2 infrared chest-plates. So, you’re good to let the laser games begin as soon as you unbox them!

These laser shooters reload with a pump-action slide and shoot infrared beams for amazingly accurate, long-distance shooting. They come with strap-on chest-plates that detect when they’re hit and light up, vibrate, and make sounds. They also automatically count their hits. To win, just accurately shoot your mate’s chest-plate 6 times!

We’re usually ones to end off our descriptions with some amazing puns, but that time has beam and gone. We’re straight shooters now… just like you’ll be when you get this pew-pew-tiful electronic laser tag 2-player set!

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