Night Vision Monocular


It’s like pair of night vision binoculars had a very amicable split, leaving a compact, single-eye night vision gadget that displays what’s in the darkness on its LCD screen!

This monocular uses infrared technology to see up to 100 metres in the dark, displaying your surroundings in high-contrast black and white on its LCD screen. It can also be used in the day, seeing up to 400 metres and displaying in colour.

So you get a really good view, it has a 3x optical zoom (which zooms with real lenses) and a 2x digital zoom (which zooms with pixels). You can monitor your zoom level, plus your battery level and infrared brightness, on the LCD screen.

It is powered by 6 x AA batteries (not included) that give you approx. 9 hours of day viewing time and 4 hours of night vision. It’s great for camping, hiking, hunting, bigfoot searching, Blair Witch recreations… you name it.

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