Rick and Morty Smartwatch


So, you’ve just realised that your old-fashioned watch is as about as exciting as the history of the Gear Wars and as clever as the white goo that forms in the corners of your mouth when you’re thirsty. You need a watch that’s almost as smart as Rick Sanchez himself. You need this Rick and Morty smartwatch!

What makes this smartwatch a Rick and Morty smartwatch? Well, it has 5 custom R+M-themed watch faces that are more fun than a theme park located inside a homeless guy. It’s also programmed to unlock playable clips from the show when you hit your milestones. Now, that’s a smart watch.

Yeah, this watch has processing power that rivals Rick’s brain. In fact, it could even BE Rick from the watch dimension… just with less nihilism… and fewer burps. But, what it lacks in burps it makes up for in usefulness. This watch displays your messages, notifications, calendar, contacts, and can even control your camera and music player. Plus, it monitors your heart rate and your steps, displays the weather, and reminds you to get up and move when you’re about to start putting down roots.

We don’t want to drone on like we’re giving you the history of the Gear Wars. But, this watch does loads more than we can get into here. So, we’ll just say this: if you want a watch that’s more fun than interdimensional cable TV and more useful than Mr Meeseeks, order this Rick and Morty smartwatch today!

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