Russell Hobbs Filter Coffee Machine + Mug


Coffee is the basis of any geeks productivity, there’s nothing like a freshly made mug of the hot stuff to start your day. But have you ever wished it was just a bit easier? Trying to function half asleep is hard enough so why not make the coffee making as easy as possible?

Let me introduce the Russell Hobbs Brew and Go Filter Coffee Machine! First off have to say this is by far the easiest way to get your morning coffee because it’s been designed for exactly that, fast fresh coffee. Simply add the coffee (it can use ground coffee or even the little soft packs) to the top, make sure the water is full and press the button. A sleek steel 400ml travel mug also comes with the package.

Not only is it a really easy to use gadget but we also really like the features it has. It has a permeant filter that be washed so you don’t need to use / constantly buy those paper filters. It also has an amazing 24 programmable timer which lets you set it all up and when the time comes it will automatically make the coffee. Imagine that, you can directly wake up to a fresh cup of coffee without doing anything!

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