Sharp Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Speakers have come a long way since their radio wave emitting gadgets and it’s amazing to see how many features can be jammed into current speakers. This new Sharp bluetooth speaker has the features to get the party started. 

This rock solid party gadget features a high bass, dust proof and splash proof speaker. The speaker also features True Wireless Stereo which will make your beats come out crisp and clear. It’s connected via Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX plug and USB input. 

Want to add a bit more excitement? This speaker also has built-in multicoloured circular LEDs and strip LEDs which have different modes you can match with the music. It’s also really easy to move around, even those it’s a 130W speaker the whole unit only weights 2.7kg. The speaker also has a screw thread built-in to the base so you can fix it to a stand. 

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