SMART Deep Fill Samosa Maker


What has 3 corners, a golden-brown façade, and is filled with unspeakable goodness? It’s not a city block, we can say that for sure. Or, maybe it is… in samosa heaven! And, if you want to experience it for yourself, all you need is this SMART Deep Fill Samosa Maker!

This samosa maker gives you a way of making healthier samosas quickly and easily. Instead of frying them and making them oilier than a spa massage, this machine bakes them! It also gives you a way of making batches of up to 24 deep filled samosas at once, meaning that you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen.

To make the clean-up even quicker than the cooking, this samosa maker uses a non-stick baking plate. So, the only scouring you need to worry about is the kind you do on the globe, looking for the perfect filling recipe!

Samosas are tasty triangles that work as starters, mains, finger-food, and snacks. But, they totally miss the point when they’re soggy from oil… in fact, they miss all 3 of their points! So, for crisp, healthy samosas, get your SMART deep fill samosa maker today!

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